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We want to be your source for all your couponing organization.  We are here for you. If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate at all. I have used coupons for over thirty years. Way back when I began couponing, I did not have the internet to help me plan my next shopping trip and matching the coupons to go with it. Growing up, my mom did not do coupons at all.  Shortly after turning 18, I moved out and oh my, I got a big dose of life.  It was not easy at all. I remember finding coupons in the paper and using them just to buy food to survive.  Minimum wage back then was 3.35 an hour, nothing stretches very far, when forty hours is less then $150 a week.  

Years ago, a friend was having it rough. She was laid off from work. She lost her home and almost lost her car.  She was working whatever odd jobs she could just to keep her head above water. She called one night and asked for help.  I did give her lots of coupons to help her with couponing. In the next few weeks, things started improving for her.  She was able to find work. She was using coupons more.  She was doing better.  One day, I ran into her and she told me using coupons had helped so much. She told me how she used to go grocery shopping and buy store brand items. She thought she was saving money by buying store brands. Later she went to a coupon class.  She was happier then I have ever seen her be. She told me she has more food in her home then she has ever had. Then she stated she was able to donate more food now then before. No longer am I going hungry cause I need to pay a bill. I never dreamed life could be so hard but yet still good. I know in life, sometimes, we have issues which have to be dealt with. However, no one should go to bed hungry because they had to pay a bill and do without buying groceries.  I know using coupons is fun, easy and rewarding.  But, learning how to use coupons can be a life changing experience that you never expected to get from a piece of paper.  This is why I do this. I remember the first time I found  a website regarding making money while using coupons.  I found other couponers who were loyal to using coupons as some people are loyal to a certain brand. Being a single parent raising two small children can be hard.  

I am so glad you came by and visited our website.  Take a look around.  If you choose to make a purchase, and I hope you do. Use the coupon code Sunshine and receive a 15% discount on your order.  I truly believe I am meant to help people learn how to use coupons. And, help grow a small stockpile of the products you use every day.  

On eBay, we have a very popular variety package. It is 75 pages of the most popular styles. 75 pg kitWe will keep stock on a variety of styles. Our pages fit most standard three ring binder zipped or not. Coupon pages are shipped out within one business day with delivery confirmation.  We can help you design your coupon binder any way you want. I love helping people get the hang of using coupons, so if you have any questions, please ask.  I get that not everyone loves the binder method. I went through a lot of ways to organize my coupons before I stumbled onto this manner.  I want you to feel the coupon fever! Get fired up! Saving money is a great feeling! Time to get excited when using coupons and saving money! I know the first time you end up getting an item free or dirt cheap because of coupons, then you will be hooked!! 

You will find an organized binder will save you TIME and MONEY.  Both are priceless! If you have any questions, I can be reached at sales@krazie4coupons.com

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Great company to be shopping with.

The Coupon Clippers

I highly recommend the gals working at The Coupon Clippers. Their stock of coupons is a massive long list of coupons. Rachael, stocks newspaper coupons as well as other coupons when she gets the opportunity. There is an admin fee, and her prices are fair.


Our promise to you! 

Variety – offering many types of pages to meet YOUR needs. I currently carry pages ranging from 2 pockets up to 9 pockets.

FAST, FREE SHIPPING – shipping is free on our site.  Regardless of how few pages you order, we take care of the cost to ship it out to you. We ship with the USPS for the delivery confirmation! We strive to ship out the same day or next day of your order.  However, I am one person doing the job of many people.  Please bare with me.

Best price guarantee – we will match any competitors price on the same brand pages, plus give you an extra 10% off their price.  In order to honor the price match, please contact us via our website!

Satisfaction Guaranteed -These pages are made in the US, and are durable. The pages will last many years.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, then please let me know.  You can return it for a refund. We guarantee you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase!