1st things 1st!

I recommend you setting up an email account just for couponing. Just about anywhere you go websites are going to want you to sign in before allowing access to their page and their coupons.  It’s a way for them to track what you access on their site.  At some point in time, some company is going to sell your information to some schmuck for a fast buck. I am a believer in protecting my privacy whenever possible. 

Next we need paper for printing.  Reams of paper is fairly cheap at Target or Wal-Mart.  However, keep an eye out, occasionally Staples and Office Depot will run copy paper on special or free after rebate.  That’s the time to stock up if you can.  Staples runs theirs several times a year, and usually a few weeks at a time.  I am extremely grateful to have a good stock pile of copy paper going on in the garage.  The paper has been a blessing.  Sometimes it feels like the deals are fewer and further apart, so stock up on a few whenever you can.  This is especially true when the timing between deals is getting further and further apart.  I get the reams and then I put the reams in a plastic bag and put it out in the garage.  Lastly, we need ink.  If you currently have an ink jet printer I have a suggestion for you.  If you can keep an eye out for a deal on a laser printer. It would be a wise investment. 

If you are a member of Staples rewards program, they will recycle 10 of your empty ink cartridges a month and pay you $2 for each one you recycle.  They do require you to spend $30 on ink every 180 days. I do not know if there is a grace period when you start in their Rewards program.