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See this pile of coupons, does this look like your stack of coupons after clipping this weeks supply out of the paper? I can imagine it mighstack of couponst.  I have seen my fair share of these.

Have you ever thought about using coupons, but then thought, “I don’t have time for all this” …

Couponing BinderTurn your pile of coupons into this organized binder with the help of coupon sleeves and a binder, preferably zippered.  I have chased coupons down because my binder was not secured by a zipper. We have a few binders here available for purchasing. 


I know for a fact you can learn how to save between 40-70% or more, off your grocery bill! REGARDLESS OF THE AMOUNT OF TIME YOU DO SPEND ON working your coupons. It really doesn’t matter how much time you spend saving money. It does take organization, a tad bit of planning, and then throw in a pinch of knowledge. You will be amazed at how easy it is to save mega money on your groceries and your other necessities. This hobby will actually pay you back for being perseverant! Seriously! I am an avid couponer. I have been using coupons for almost thirty years!  Its so easy. Once you get the hang of it, you will be hooked for life.

My biggest haul was before we had all these helpful websites, and it was by chance.  First of all, it was several years back, and it was at Kroger. I had heard online Kroger was doing a super double but the closest participating Kroger was in Maryville, TN 64 miles north of me. I had been laid off from work so I had the time. It took me about five hours to shop plus the drive, but I saved over $400 in coupons. I did this the old fashion way matching my coupons to the items on the shelf trying to find deals. I know some people are reading this thinking that’s just what I don’t want to do. I don’t want to be in the store for hours just trying to save a few bucks. Okay, ask yourself this, where can you go to work and make over $75 an hour. Yes, it did take me quite a while. The check out was almost an hour by itself. But, I saved so much money that day.  I have never done another mega shop like that but if you get the chance and you have good coupons then go for it. It pays to shop with coupons. It can pay in really big ways! I’m not telling this to scare you all off. This was my chance of a lifetime and I went! I may never see another opportunity like this again. Instead of looking at it as not having any time to do coupons, embrace as a way to change your life and helping you have money at the end of the month. The good news is you all don’t have to shop the way I did that day. There are so many useful websites out there to help you match coupons up to the items on sale. Recently, I found Aussie 3 Minute conditioner on clearance. I bought two bottles. This stuff is good. I got to the car and thought google Aussie coupons. It brought up the coupon that was in the 1/4/15 Sunday paper $1/2. I went by the newspaper office and bought 10 papers, paid $10, and away I went.  I used every coupon except two that I shared with a co-worker at the store. It wasn’t perfect but the conditioner was being discontinued to make room for the new version coming out. It pays to check out clearance racks and the clearance tags on the shelf.  I bought way too much Aussie conditioner for pennies. It was clearance on the shelf half off. When it scanned it was 1.33 each. I paid 1.66 for two bottles. Regular shelf price was 4.49 each. Eighteen bottles @ $4.49 = $80.82, Eighteen bottles bought with mostly coupons = $15.94.  Bought two without a coupon, then used 8 $1/2 coupons. Even if I figured in the cost of the papers to get the coupons, it was still tremendous savings. Lets say I didn’t buy the papers, just bought the conditioner without coupons it would have been $23.94. Without the coupons savings is 70% with coupons 80%. That extra 10% was $8. I still have the rest of the inserts to use almost for free. It is so easy. Just set your mind to saving money.  

Today, you just go to a stores website and print out their loss leaders which is usually the items on sale for the best price. Most often called the BOGO deal even though most grocery stores no longer require you to buy two items. Most, but not all, will allow you buy one and get the 1/2 price deal.  Then there are places you can use a coupon database to find out what coupons are available to help you save the most money. It is so much easier in our world today to find deals and coupons to maximize your savings.

The most important issue is getting started with coupons. More and more companies are noticing customers being swayed to try new products just by offering coupons.  Coupons have always been out there, but manufacturers want you to cut out the coupon and rush to the store to pay full price for the item minus the coupon value.  That is not the best way to save money.  Knowing your prices and knowing when an item is on sale at its best price is the smartest way to shop every time you shop.  I am so excited to be able to help you gain an insight on using  coupons and figuring out which method works best for you to utilize your coupons.  

    Every day you put off using coupons is

actually another day of paying more for groceries then

anyone should have to! 

Using coupons allows us to have more cash in the bank!

Using coupons allows you to keep more of your

money in your pocket, not at the store! 


Online Shopping:

Most of us have shopped online by now for something. Shopping online comparing sites has us accustomed to looking for deals. We want the very best price and the possibilities are almost endless.  Have you ever thought I wish I had a coupon to use here.  There are some really great places to get online coupons. However, there are more ways to shop online by combining coupons with electronic rebates at the same time.   

Many, many of us are wanting to pinch our pennies the best of our ability, right? When I go shopping in a store the first place I head is to the clearance rack, do you? Maybe your local department store is having a sale and they send you coupons in the mail.  If you are headed to the mall, take the coupons with you.  It just helps to sweeten the pot more. Next time you are shopping online, you can open another browser window and google the name of the store and the word coupon or coupon code and see what comes up. If you want to be paid for shopping online then I suggest you visit a website I love, love, love to use. 

In fact, before you buy another thing, head to CashReporter.com. The site aggregates rebate info from various cash-back sites to show you who’s offering the biggest refund for any given store. All you do is search for the e-tailer you want (or browse the store categories), then click on the cash-back site with the highest rebate. (If you’re not already signed up with that particular site, you’ll have to do so before proceeding.)  CashReporter has listings for hundreds of online stores–though you won’t find a cash-back offer for each and every one.

If you have any questions, then email me.   Thank you so much for looking around!

Happy Couponing!

Lea Crumley